Those who know me, know I firmly believe in standing in, and growing in your purpose.  I believe everyone has purpose; however, we need to be “still” in order to understand it, and embrace it.  I feel I have always stood in my purpose!

A few years ago, I was a full-time entrepreneur, and enjoyed the flexibility of my time at home writing grants and proposals for other organizations, as a consultant.  Having a love for writing and community, I was great at securing funding for organizations to expand their reach by finding and securing the funding necessary to help them grow.  I’ve written a workforce development book on the subject matter, and have trained hundreds with basic knowledge to find and secure funding on their own.

Then life happened.  I became a caregiver, returned to the classroom, and cut back on consulting – drastically.

Recently, I’ve taken more time to be…”still.” In doing so, I truly realized that you could turn a blind eye to your purpose, but once it finds you, eventually, you have to face it and embrace it!  Since that day, I have decided to compliment my nonprofit, with a for profit consulting agency, that will position me to serve medium to large organizations that need to outsource their grant writing and program management needs. #CydnyConsults

Please be sure to subscribe to this blog, and check this website frequently, as I’ll be sharing news and tidbits about #AllThingsNonprofit here!

Note: #CydnyConsults is based in Prince William County, Virginia; but there are no limits to whom we can serve.



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