Are you registered for the 11th Annual Higher Ground Women’s Leadership Conference?

I’m proud to share that I’ll be presenting at this amazing conference, and I hope you can join me!  I’ll be facilitating my #GetGrantReady session for attendees.

Get Grant Ready is an interactive, engaging presentation that prepares community leaders to give their organizations a check up, to ensure it is ready to secure and qualify for community funding.  Our trainings are presented in a non-intimidating environment, and truly take the fear out of FUNding!  Get Grant Ready is a less intensive version of our day-long Grow In Your Purpose: Intensive Grant Writing Training.  Participants  for Get Grant Ready are new to grant writing, eager to learn, and passionate about their purpose in their respective communities.  The 60 minute session will allow participants to: learn the bare bones of grant funding through a visual presentation, write a sample MOU working in pairs (and receive an MOU template), Understand Grant Reporting through analyzing grant calendars and working in small groups to work through grant reporting scenarios, use their smart devices to identify potential grant opportunities, and work in collaborative learning groups to develop SMART goals and respond to identifier scenarios!

If you can’t make it, and are interested in participating in an online presentation of #GetGrantReady in November, please complete the form below:



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